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The Oolo-Austin Trigenics®  Frozen Shoulder Recovery Procedure (OAT)

Standard The Oolo-Austin Trigenics Frozen shoulder treatment procedure is an unprecedentedly non-surgical operation which is rapidly becoming accepted as being the world's best and most successful treatment for the condition called "Adhesive Capsulitis" which is otherwise known as "Frozen Shoulder" . No surgical dissection instruments are used and no actual cutting or incisions of tissue is performed requiring sutures. Patients undergoing the operation are not put under general anesthetic although local injections of anesthetic are sometimes administered.
The OAT procedure was invented and developed by Dr. Allan Gary Oolo-Austin in 2002. Dr. Oolo Austin, who has been in practice for over 30 years, is an Osteopathic Physician and Doctor of Chiropractic with a doctorate in Manual Medicine. He also holds specialty designations in physical rehabilitation and sports medicine.

The OAT Frozen Shoulder treatment procedure was introduced formally to the medical community in a pilot study authored by Dr. Maxim Bakhtadze, MD, PhD. and Dr. Oolo-Austin which was published in the Russian Samara Medical Journal in 2012. The study came after nearly 10 years of clinical success in the treatment of hundreds of patients worldwide with no reported failures or complications. As such, the OAT treatment procedure for frozen shoulder is now also regarded by many as the world's safest and most successful curative procedure for Frozen Shoulder. In order to provide concrete evidence based proof as to it's efficiency, a medical, ethics approved and peer reviewed full blinded study is currently underway in Canada under the direction of the eminent Dr. Barham Jam, D.P.T. In the meantime, hundreds of patients worldwide continue to travel great distances in order to attend one of the World Shoulder Clinics which conducts the operation.

Standard Frozen shoulder treatment primarily consists of pain relief medications and prolonged terribly painful physical therapy sessions for many months and often years. Most patients find little relief with standard treatments which also often make the condition worse rather than better. These frozen shoulder sufferers usually become increasingly frustrated, debilitated and often depressed as their quality of life continues to erode. Many spend thousands of dollars in their futile quest to find a solution to their demise.

The revolutionary OAT Procedure for the effective treatment of frozen shoulder is a non-surgical capsular dissection operation which involves interactive patient participation in a way which dampens neurological motor input to the muscles which reflexively contract or go into spasm when the adhesed and frozen shoulder joint hits it's virtual end range. Specialized Trigenics Myoneural methods are simultaneously applied by the physician conducting the operation for immediate shoulder mobilization as the non-surgical dissection and separation of the restricting scar tissue is conducted. Adhesed bursal tissue is also simultaneously separated. In most cases, patients are immediately able to put their arm up beside their head and behind their back following a short sequence of procedures. The separation of scar tissue and re-mobilization of the frozen shoulder literally only takes a matter of seconds.

During the multi-pronged operative procedure, patients are positioned in very specific ways and instructed to move against various angles and degrees of resistance depending on which part of the shoulder joint capsule is being dissected. The positioning and participation of the patient must be carried out with precision and in direct accordance to instructions in order for the safe application.

Immediately following the operation, patients are often in a state of shock as per the medical meaning of the term. They will often shake uncontrollably, cry and sometimes even laugh hysterically. This reaction usually subsides for the most part before they leave the clinic which is normally within an hour of their arrival. In spite of this reaction, patients are instructed to immediately conduct exercises designed by Dr. Oolo Austin which must be done to re-activate muscles which have not been used for months or years. The patient will normally spend less than 30 minutes doing these exercises which involve placing their arm up beside their head and up behind their back.

After leaving the clinic following the operation, patients will have been given specific post-op exercises which they will be required to do every hour, on the hour, for 3 days during the hours in which they are awake. During sleep, the patient will be required to sleep on the side of the afflicted shoulder with their arm up beside their head.

Although the shoulder's external rotation component is addressed during the OAT procedure, shoulder external rotation is often not taken to it's physiological end range during the operation to mitigate the possibility of dislocating the shoulder joint. In these cases, the external. range of motion of the shoulder is usually regained within weeks of the procedure following a post-op home exercise program which is designed to achieve this end.

Although patients are able to functionally move and use their shoulders with excellent ranges of motion, it is still recommended that some attend for supportive follow up physical therapy exercise rehabilitation sessions to fully restore muscle tone and strength which will have become weakened due to prolonged immobilization.

Supportive Rehabilitation can be carried out at the World Shoulder Clinic or at a therapy clinic of your choice. Rehabilitation  is often carried out over a period of 1- 6 weeks depending on the severity of the FS and the distance traveled by the patient for treatment. No surgical dissection instruments are used and no actual cutting or incisions of tissue is performed requiring sutures. The majority of results are usually obtained in the first visit. Each procedure lasts no more than 30 minutes with the dissection itself taking place in a matter of minutes. (Follow-up rehabilitative care with specific Trigenics Myoneural Exercises and self treatment procedures are provided for time between visits.) The procedure is practiced in only 2 locations worldwide and is currently only being performed by its originator, Dr. Allan Gary Oolo Austin ( who is also the originator of Trigenics Functional Neurology. (

Patients attending the World Shoulder Clinic in Canada may elect to take sedatives and painkillers prior to their treatments however some elect to undergo the procedure without medication. The World Shoulder Clinic offers the option of undergoing the procedure with the injection of local anesthetic which substantially mitigates reflexive contracture and pain during the OAT. The OAT manual surgery procedure using injuection of local anesthetic has been extremely successful and is the first of its kind in the world. It is felt to be a much better choice than performing manipulation under general anesthesia as it is performed with the patient fully conscious and interactively participating in the procedure to ensure than no damage occurs to the joint or surrounding tissues.

Patients attending for treatment from other countries can be provided with accommodations and most will attend for at least one week although other options are available if time is limited for those with busy business lives.

Dr Oolo Austin specializes in shoulders. He currently teaches Trigenics Functional Neurology to doctors and therapists worldwide and also instructs courses on Shoulder diagnosis and treatment at various learning institutions worldwide. He is a visiting professor at Tallinn University, Dept of Health and Sports Sciences.


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